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Our Story

Hey, we are Jill and Jen and we are both purpose driven entrepreneurs. We met through a mutual friend and connected instantly when we realized we had a shared passion for building businesses that co-exist with our lives and support our well-being. We saw the power in creating a space to expand the conversation and bring other like-minded entrepreneurs to the table to talk about modern business and how to integrate into our lifestyle.

Fun fact, one of the reasons why we believe in the power of The Table's online collaborative approach is that our whole partnership and relationship has been built online... we have never actually met in person!

We cannot wait for you to join The Table, because where we gather, we thrive. 

Jillian Lawrence

I am a Holistic Marketing Coach, teaching other heart-led entrepreneurs how to create a sustainable business that offers abundance and balanced well-being. Through this passion, I meet a lot of solopreneurs, people on their own in business. 

Since everyone's purpose is unique, purpose-driven entrepreneurs excel the best when they don't follow what everyone else is doing, but instead create their own path. The thing about that is, it's lonely. It can be exhausting and confusing, and there's no blueprint or roadmap. 

It didn't take me long to see a pattern, especially during the pandemic - a lot of people are feeling alone in business. Having others to bounce ideas off of, share successes, and collaborate with makes a world of difference.

This difference is created when we gather together and foster authentic connection. And so The Table Collaborative was born. A place for us to gather our wisdom, strengths, weaknesses, and purposes to support each other in life and business.

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Jen Scharien

It was the 5th grade Career Fair when I decided that I was going to be an Entrepreneur. Life took its weaves and turns and I managed to follow this calling through high school, University, and even as far as my first job after graduation at a Start up. Life continued and the appeal of a stable growing career took over. Without the anchor of a true passion to pursue I took the path more travelled.


I have followed the career path for a decade and a half, building my experience, getting my CPA, and developing as a professional. Then one day, after a series of soul hitting conversation the Entrepreneurship fire sparked back to life. 


During those years I got married, had two children, and acquired  financial obligations. There was no easy break from the career path and I still liked my job, my work, and my colleagues. So what's a girl to do...well, she steps into her true power as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and channels the incredible energy that it delivers. 


I have now built an Financial Wellness company as my side business and am growing it at my own pace. Part of the reason I am able to do this is because of the amazing business owners that are supporting me along the way. This is why I know The Table needs to exist - there is so much more we can achieve, to make an impact, because where we gather, we thrive.

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