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Welcome to The Table

A place to collaborate and connect with

other purpose-driven entrepreneurs

This Table was Built  for You

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. There isn't a one size fits all way to build your business. Many of us are being lead by our heart to share our purpose with the world, and it can feel a little unnerving at times. The Table was built for people like you, heart-centred, purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

We value human connection, transparency, and collaborating with like-minded people. We believe that by sharing our experiences, we can inspire others to see opportunities and possibilities where they might otherwise feel stuck. We created this space for you to learn how to thrive!

Collab and Connect

Where We Gather, We Thrive


Here you'll have plenty of heart-centred leaders to connect with.


Create trusted business partners to share referrals with.


Build offers together and collaborate on projects to support one another.


Share ideas, celebrate wins, ask for feedback and make friends.



$19 CAD/month (+gst)

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Open Connecting

Each month you'll have two opportunities to join an open connecting event where you can share about your business and connect with other members.


Guest Speakers

Your membership also includes exclusive access to guest speakers and other online events designed to enhance your entrepreneurial journey.

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Business Resources

Resources designed to make business more enjoyable and simple are updated regularly to stay current and fresh. Log in anytime for access.

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Private Forums

Have questions about business? Need feedback on a project? Want to celebrate a win, or connect with specific people? Hop on the forum!

Are you ready to thrive?

Grab Your Seat at The Table

The Table Blog

Join us!

Our meetings are held on Zoom on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 12-1pm PST. We'd love to invite you to visit to learn more about The Table and meet our current members. Fill out the form below to request your visit and we'll get back to you with the next availability we have!

Yes, I want a seat at the table!

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Just have a question?

Email us:

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Our Core Values Support Our Table

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